cooling costs varyAre you tired of high home heating and cooling costs and wonder what can be done? Although we talk a lot about energy efficiency and SEER ratings as an air conditioning company, there is a lot more to your homes heating and cooling costs than just those two things. Here are some of the variables that may be contributing to higher utility bills than necessary.

Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance

Just like your car, your homes HVAC system cant operate as it should if there is even the smallest problem. Although many HVAC issues make themselves known, not all do. Thats why once a year you should call for heating maintenance and once a year you should call for air conditioning maintenance. Keeping your unit properly tuned-up is essential keeping it working in the most energy efficient manner possible.

Your Ductwork

Have you ever had your ductwork looked at by an air conditioning company? No matter the age of your home, your ducts may be leaking air. When that happens, your HVAC system has to work harder to get the heated or cooled air to the home. Essentially running an air conditioner or heat pump with poorly sealed ductwork is like running it with an open window which we all know increases cooling costs.

The Unit and Your Home

When you replace an HVAC system, your HVAC company will look at the size of your home and the number of doors and windows. Those elements will help them determine the proper size unit. HVAC systems come in many sizes. If yours is too small to efficiently heat or cool your home, youre going to spend more than you would if yours was the right size. Your air conditioning company can tell you if you have the right size unit or not.

Your Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are a prime reason for inefficient homes. This doesnt mean you need to replace your doors or windows necessarily. What it does mean is you need to make sure theyre well maintained. Look at the weather stripping around your door. If its not in good condition replace it. Here are a few signs you need to replace yours. Your windows also have weatherstripping, however, more importantly, the caulk around your windows should be one continuous bead both inside and outside.

Age of Your Unit

The older a unit, the lower the SEER rating in general. If you need a new HVAC unit to improve your homes energy efficiency and comfort, call Poormans Heating & Air. Call us today at (260) 422-3534 for a free estimate for a new heating or cooling system or to schedule maintenance on your current unit.