air conditionersLike so many questions we hear from our customers, this one doesnt have a yes or no answer. In fact, the home itself, your budget and preferences are the biggest determination to this answer. There are reasons you may want to consider two air conditioners for your home and reasons why it may not be the best option.

Benefits of Two Air Conditioners

When you have two air conditioners in your home, you are able to keep the temperature more even throughout the home. We all know that heat rises. When that happens in a multi-story home, if there is not a thermostat upstairs, you will notice that it is much warmer in upper story. Turning the temperature down so that upstairs is comfortable at night, for example, will cost you more. So, another benefit is energy savings. A benefit you may never want to use is if one unit fails, the family can run the working unit and stay at least reasonably comfortable in much of the home.


Perhaps the biggest reason is the cost. If you have a home with only one system currently, you would need some modification to the duct system. Youll also need two new systems that are properly sized for the areas theyll be cooling. However, dont look at this as a twice as much as far as cost goes. Because youd be purchasing two smaller units, the cost will not be twice the cost of the single larger unit. However, when it comes time for spring maintenance, youll pay more than if you only had one unit.

Another Option

Another option to discuss with your air conditioner company is a zoned system. This means installing a single larger unit that has multiple thermostats and dampers within the ductwork. Zoned air conditioners cost more than regular ones, but if you only want one air conditioner in your home, this is a money saving option.

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