Improve Water Quality: Install a Sterling Water Softener

Are you interested in a water softener for your home or business? The water softener installers at Poorman’s Heating & Air recommend units manufactured by Sterling Water Treatment, a leader in the water softener industry since 1934. Sterling has been headquartered just up the road in Churubusco, IN, for decades, and is currently the largest manufacturer of water treatment equipment for the plumbing and well supply industry. Poorman’s technicians are authorized to install Sterlings complete line of advanced water softeners.

Benefits of a Water Softener

Tap water can contain a huge number of minerals and other compounds that can cause health issues and wreak havoc on homes. Signs of hard water include rust stains on toilets, sinks and other fixtures; water spots on dishes; lime buildup on shower heads and plumbing fixtures; dry skin and hair; and more. With a simple call to our pro water softener installers, you can begin treating water at the source to soften the hardness and stop buildup.

Enjoy the following benefits:

  • Eliminate hard water stains on appliances, fixtures & clothing
  • Clean, spot-free dishes & silverware
  • Less soap & detergent required for cleaning
  • Extend the life of water-using appliances (no mineral buildup inside)
  • Energy savings on water heating due to less scaling
  • Softer skin & hair
  • And more!

Sterling water softeners are easy to use and designed for long life. They are also electrically operated and automatically regenerate based on the water hardness level and the usage. Give Poorman’s Heating & Air a call today and we can help you choose the right Sterling water softener for your home.

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