Get Started With Your HVAC Project With Flexible Financing Options

HVAC projects, such as a new air conditioner installation or furnace replacement, are important investments. They are among those that are best done as immediately as possible. Your HVAC system plays a huge role in keeping your indoors comfortable and not to mention, healthy.


When it comes to HVAC and your indoor health and comfort, you shouldn’t take any chances. It always pays to invest in high-quality and high-efficiency systems, which guarantee outstanding performance and lasting service. However, what if you need to work with a limited budget? Would you give up on your goals that easily and just decide to postpone the project?

As a trusted HVAC company that has been in the business for over 40 years, Poormans Heating & Air understands how important HVAC projects are. We also understand the weight of the investment you’ll have to make. Thankfully, we have partnered with some of the most reliable financing agencies in the industry to help clients like you get started with their project as soon as possible.

Financing via RedBrick Financial Group

RedBrick Financial Group Inc. is composed of financing specialists that focus on home improvement projects, particularly in the HVAC industry. They have been partnering with trusted and experienced HVAC companies like Poormans Heating & Air to serve homeowners who are in need of assistance in financing their HVAC projects. RedBrick offers financing schemes that are customized according to your budget.

Financing via Wells Fargo Financial National Bank

Wells Fargo Financial National Bank offers HVAC financing through their Wells Fargo Home Projects Credit Card program. Once you get an approved credit, you can easily decide on your HVAC purchases as you will enjoy quick program and funding implementation.

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