How to Improve my Homes AirQuality

There are a number of health related symptoms that can be traced back to poor indoor air quality. Headaches, sinus issues, congestion, and problems sleeping are just a few. Trouble with fatigue and concentration can also occur.

There are a few things around your home that could be causing issues with your air quality. Here are a few hidden air burdens you may be unaware of:

Pet Allergies:

  • Keeping your pet out of your bedroom or your childrens bedroom at night will greatly decrease the 8 to 9 sleeping hours of concentrated exposure
  • Bathing or grooming your pet more often reduces the allergen burden.

Dust Mites:

  • Reduce house humidity below 30 to 35 percent as dust mites (microscopic critters) love humid air
  • No fish tanks or humidifiers running in bedrooms
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