Everyone knows Trane is associated with high quality. As a Trane dealer since 1978, Poormans knows the importance of providing a reliable, efficient heating and cooling brand to the public. However, the Trane name comes with a price. High quality and efficiency isn’t cheap, especially in 2024. That’s why Trane also offers a more cost-effective brand that is still built like a Trane–RunTru.

Trane Vs. RunTru

RunTru vs. Trane

Manufactured by Trane, RunTru delivers quality HVAC at an affordable price. RunTru systems have all the reliable Trane parts on the inside. The only difference is, they have less high-end feature options that a typical Trane would have. For example, RunTru equipment cuts costs with the non-mechanical parts that a unit may have, such as sound insulators, and housing options. This is so that Trane can reach the different market of customers who want the Trane quality, but for a more affordable option.


As previously mentioned, RunTru is the more affordable route in comparison to Trane. Whether it’s a furnace or air conditioner, these systems range around half the cost of a Trane. RunTru is still a great option for those on a budget, but it is important to remember that these systems are a long-term investment. Potential repairs down the line can trim down these savings. And this is also why some people invest in high-efficient systems, for even more savings.


Since RunTru is built with the same mechanical components as a Trane, it is definitely efficient. There’s an abundance of furnaces and air conditioners that have similar, if not same, energy efficient ratings as a Trane. This is why it’s important to check out SEER ratings.  Everything depends on the SEER rating! You can get RunTru systems with the same SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) ratings as a Trane. You can get a 16 SEER RunTru A/C with 38% energy savings. You can ALSO get a 16 SEER Trane A/C with slightly greater energy savings. It all just depends on how much you want to save, and how much you want to spend.


Like Trane, all registered RunTru air conditioners come with a 10 year warranty for parts. Poormans Heating & Air also offers a 1-year labor warranty with every new install. Plus, there are options for more long-term warranties, such as a 10 year parts AND labor. Call Poormans for more info, or click here to explore the warranty options given by RunTru.

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If you live in Northeast IN or Northwest OH, do not hesitate to reach out to Poormans for more information about RunTru or get a free quote on a new system. No matter your budget, Poormans offers a variety of options and a great deal of financing options. Click here to inquire about getting a free quote from Poormans, where It’s Hard to Stop a Trane!