Old, Cold Furnace?

Poorman’s Heating & Air can help you during the entire process of a furnace replacement. Get a FREE estimate and a professional opinion when you decide it’s time to get a new furnace. Old, Cold Furnace? Winter is here and it’s time to consider replacing that old furnace that’s been hanging on by a thread. …

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One Stage, Two Stage & Modulating Furnaces

Is your furnace due for a replacement? Have you thought about what kind of furnace you want? A lot of homeowners are unaware of the different types of furnaces you can buy. One of the biggest things you should consider is whether to get a one stage, two stage, or modulating furnace. The difference between …

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Gas Furnace

Furnace FAQ

Why Won’t My Pilot Light? A gas furnace pilot light is a continuously burning flame that ignites the burners when the furnace heats up. If your pilot light is not lighting, or staying lit, it could be because of the thermocouple. The thermocouple is a safety feature that prevents gas buildup in your home. It …

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Air particles getting sucked into a filter

Are Air Purifiers Worth the Hype?

How often do you see sunbeam particles flying around the house by a sunny window? Once you notice it, you can’t seem to unnotice it. These tiny air particles can carry harmful bacteria throughout your whole house, and you and your family could be breathing it in every day. Consequently, poor air quality can be …

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Expert furnace technician

Why You Should Tune-Up Your Furnace

Autumn brings about the beginning of chilly weather, which means your furnace is about to be put to use, if it hasn’t already. There is nothing worse than a furnace breakdown in the middle of a cold day. Therefore, the best way to prevent this costly breakdown is to prevent it from happening in the …

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