Is spring air conditioning maintenanace necessary?Yes and no. Will your air conditioner suddenly stop working if you dont call and schedule air conditioning maintenance? No. So why is AC maintenance recommended by New Haven, IN air conditioning companies? There are several reasons.

Your Unit Will Last Longer

Just like your car or anything else mechanical, when you take care of it, follow manufacturer guidelines for maintenance, it lasts longer. Your air conditioner has many moving parts. Part of your unit is exposed to the elements. When you schedule AC maintenance, your technician will inspect the unit, tighten any lose connections and identify if there are any issues that should be attended to. Things like worn belts that need replacing or topping off of the refrigerant.

It Operates More Energy Efficiently

Part of the maintenance services from most New Haven, IN air conditioning companies is cleaning the coils and checking the condensation drain. They will also apply lubrication to moving parts. All of these little adjustments add up to a more efficiently operating unit. When you neglect your unit, it can suffer up to 15% efficiency loss which over a long hot Indiana summer can really add up.

Preventative Maintenance is Less Than Reactive Repair

In almost every case, preventative maintenance, even if your technician recommends replacing a few parts, will cost you less than a reactive repair. For example, if a belt breaks in your unit, it can damage all the parts around it. Plus, youll be uncomfortable in your home as long as it takes the technician to arrive and repair it.

Poormans Heating & Air Maintenance Has Many Other Benefits

Our air conditioning maintenance services come with other benefits including ensuring that you dont void your warranty. We also offer preferential emergency service scheduling and no overtime charges to our maintenance customers. If youve tried other New Haven, IN air conditioning companies and havent found one you love, call Poormans Heating & Air for maintenance, repair or a new system installation. Reach us by calling (260) 422-3534 or fill out our contact form.