hvac filtersIf you have a blown air system for heat, air conditioning or both, there is at least one HVAC filter on it somewhere. Most people know the filter needs to be replaced regularly. What they may not know is that the type and quality of filter matters.

Start by Referencing Your Heating & Cooling System Manual

Combination HVAC units are most common in todays homes. That means youll need an HVAC filter for each intake. Your manual wont tell you how many intakes you have, but theyre easily spotted. Look for recommendations from the manufacturer as to the ideal MERV rating and whether its safe or ideal to use a disposable style filter.

Still Unsure? Talk to Your Ft. Wayne HVAC Company

If your Ft. Wayne HVAC company performs regular maintenance, or tune-ups on your system, ask them what they recommend. They may have a know the right HVAC filter that will help keep your homes air clean and protect your system.

What is a MERV Rating?

MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. MERV ratings tell you the minimum size of a particle (like dust, dander, viruses and mold), that an HVAC filter can capture and filter out of your air. Although home air filters range from five to 12, most homeowners use eight to 12. Any filter between a five and eight will filter out most mold, pet dander, some dust. Nine through 12 get most household pollutants, but youll need a 13 or up to capture viruses and bacteria.

Poormans Heating & Air Can Help Your Find the Right HVAC Filter

One of our many services in Ft. Wayne, Auburn and New Haven, IN is HVAC system maintenance. During our maintenance service on any system with blown air is to check the air filter. We will make recommendations about changing it and whether you need a different MERV rating. Call us today to schedule maintenance, repair or a new HVAC system installation. We can be reached at (260) 422-3534 and offer emergency services too.