Smart thermostats, if youre not familiar, are thermostats connects to your Wi-Fi so you can control the temperature in your home from your smartphone. This allows you to instantly change the temperature from anywhere at any time. If youre wondering if the investment of a few hundred dollars for a new smart thermostat in your home is worth it, as a local HVAC company, we can assure you that the answer is yes.

Many Programming Options

Even if you have a programmable thermostat where you can set up schedules so that when you leave for work or school, the temperature automatically changes, you have many more options with a smart thermostat. For example, if you find that youre going to be away from home for longer than expected (or home sooner), you can adjust the temperature right from your phone. This can save you money because youre not running the system when no one is home.

Detect System Issues

When you choose a new thermostat with a new HVAC system, one of the biggest benefits of smart thermostats is that your thermostat can alert you if there is an issue with your unit. In the event there is a reason for concern, you can shut the unit down remotely. They can also remind you when its time to change your air filters which help your unit operate as efficiently as possible.

ECO Mode

Many smart thermostats have an ECO mode. Depending on the brand and model this can include setting the temperature automatically to your away settings when it detects no one is at home. It can also change your settings based on local energy demand and peak pricing as well as use the humidity level in your home to change the temperature slightly for the same comfort level. Your local HVAC company can advise you if this will benefit you in your area.

Smart Thermostats Are a Smart Investment

In a recent report by Google, homeowners report a savings of about $140 per year which means your investment of a smart thermostat pays for itself in two to three years. Its not difficult to install a smart thermostat but if youre not comfortable, call Poormans Heating & Air, your local HVAC company, and well help you choose the right one and install it form you. Call (260) 422-3534 today or fill out our contact form.