Your home undergoes quite a few changes during cold weather. You need to be ready for these changes so that it remains comfortable and energy efficient throughout the seasons to come. In this post, the topheating and cooling company, Poormans Heating & Air, shares why you should raise humidity levels in your home during the fall and winter months.

Humidity Levels


To prevent damage.Most of the time, we associate humidity with damage such as leaks and mold growth. However, there are times that humidity can be your saving grace, especially during frequent weather changes. Keep in mind that having low humidity can damage your home in many ways. For instance, it can cause wood to crack and fail at the joints. Your wooden floorboards can warm and bend, leaving them prone to leaks. Your drywall might separate from the walls as well. Items that are made of paper may begin to become brittle and show signs of discoloration. Having sufficient humidity will help counteract these issues and prevent them from happening.

To reduce static electricity.According toAC repairexperts, static electricity can become prevalent in your household when the indoor air is too dry. Youll find that touching someone’s hair or coming into contact with metal surfaces will give you a slight shock.

Improved health and wellbeing.Having an adequate amount of humidity present in your home during the cold winter months can also help improve your health. This is due to the water vapor present in humidity. The water droplets help reduce the risk of respiratory problems and keep your eyes, nose, throat and skin moist.

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