When it comes to staying warm at home, you might think the easiest way to do this is to crank up the thermostat. After all, a higher temperature means youll get the warmth youre looking for. Unfortunately, frequently fiddling with your thermostat can get in the way of efficient HVAC operation, resulting in the need for more frequentAC repairs. So, what are you to do to stay warm?

Control the Air

Freely flowing air can help maintain comfortable temperatures inside the home, so open all vents and clear out any obstructions or debris. If you have central heating, dont forget your cold air returns, or the vents that let cold air out. When cold air escapes a room, it makes the space feel warmer.

Like vents, ceiling fans can be used to control heat flow. You just have to set yours to rotate clockwise, forcing warm air down. If youre not sure how to do this, dont hesitate to ask anAC companyfor assistance.

Pile on the Layers

There’s no one temperature at which everyone in your home will all feel comfortable, so you’ll have to make some personal adjustments by layering on more clothing. The best way to do this is by using thin but warm fabrics, which are effective at trapping air. The more layers you have, the more air you’re holding against your body, which means more insulation. Should you start to feel too hot, simply take off a layer at a time until you feel cooler.

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