Commercial refrigeration is designed to withstand the heavier demands of restaurant use, as well as the continuous operation of convenience stores and supermarkets. Investing more at purchase when buying such systems can lead to increased savings. Then again, like any other HVACR systems, simple maintenance can help prolong its life span.

Preventing Problems With Commercial Refrigeration Units

Poormans Heating & Air, your local experts in heater repair and AC replacement, discuss what to do to ensure commercial refrigeration units last longer.

Purchase and Installation

Prior to installation, it’s important for commercial property owners to make sure the systems they purchase can be accommodated within the facility during delivery. Doorways must first be measured to ensure the unit and other delivery materials will fit through them. The outlet that will provide power to the unit must also be considered before making a purchase.

Once the commercial refrigeration unit is delivered to the facility, operation should be delayed for about 24 hours. That way, the refrigerant, motor oil and other liquids inside the system have time to settle. Also, see to it that the unit is completely level with the ground before commencing with the rest period. Otherwise, it may encounter issues with internal liquids that aren’t in the right places.

Performance Throughout the Units Lifecycle

Making the most of commercial refrigeration units involves simple practices that owners and managers can follow to ensure long-term performance and efficiency. While you can always turn to HVAC professionals that also provide furnace replacement and heating repair, some maintenance tasks can be done on your own. For instance, cleaning the condenser coils regularly will help the unit perform more efficiently while also helping you avoid higher energy bills.

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