Summer is the sunniest and therefore the hottest season of the year. With such weather conditions, it’s understandable that many people crank up the air conditioner as high as possible to cool things down around the house. Along with this sunny weather sometimes comes humid conditions that can create thunderstorms. Unfortunately, AC companies recommend not leaving your unit on during weather events such as these.

Is It Wise to Leave the AC Running During Thunderstorms?

In this post, Poormans Heating & Air explains the reasons why you shouldn’t keep running your AC running during thunderstorms.

Lightning Strikes

While it’s rare for lightning strikes to hit your home, there’s still a possibility that it could happen. When it does, it will cause a huge surge of power through your home’s electrical system, which will then trip your breakers. The five billion joules of energy that this power surge brings could cause serious damage to an operating air conditioner, making a call to your heating and cooling company for a repair or replacement necessary.

Air Conditioner Damage

The main damage a lightning strike can do to your air conditioner is to melt its plug. It can also damage your air conditioner’s already sensitive control panel, requiring extensive repairs just to get it in working order again. The system’s controls can also be corrupted if a lightning strike occurs while the air conditioner is in operation.

How Do I Protect My Air Conditioner?

The best way to protect your air conditioner is to turn off and unplug the unit for the duration of the thunderstorm. Thunderstorms create cooler temperatures, so you’ll still have some level of comfort even when the air conditioner isn’t in use. Surprisingly enough, surge protectors don’t provide the appropriate amount of protection to prevent damage from lightning surges. Instead, consider having a protection system installed or use lightning rods to create an alternate path for the lightning to reach the ground and stop it from traveling through your home’s electrical system.

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