Whether you need a new HVAC system in Auburn, IN or Edgerton, OH, its hard to answer that question with a number. Thats because there are many types of heating and air conditioning system. In addition, usage and maintenance influence the life of the unit. However, here is some information that should help you get an idea of how long various types of heating system and your air conditioner may last.

Air Conditioning

There is only one type of air conditioning. All AC units are electric and should last about 15 years. However, certain parts of the air conditioning system will need replacing over that lifetime. Things like belts wear much faster than the fan motor. However, its the compressor that usually fails and leads to a new unit. Typically, we recommend replacing the entire unit if its over 10 years and the compressor fails.

Heat Pump

Heat pumps arent as common in northeast Indiana or northwest Ohio as other heating systems. Thats because the colder the air, the harder they have to work. A heat pump lasts longer in southern climates than in our area where it may last 10 15 years.


A well-maintained furnaces lifespan may be up to 25 years. On average, its closer to 15. However, if the heat exchange fails, youll likely want to replace your unit no matter how old it is. Another key to a furnaces life is having it properly installed and properly sized to the home.


A boiler is the oldest type of heating system. Weve seen 30-year-old boilers that still work well. However, the average life of a boiler is closer to 20 years, even with good maintenance. Most of the time when a boiler fails, we replace it with another type of heating system like a furnace.

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