Space heaters are a perfect when you’re in a pinch for heat. They come in all shapes and sizes from electric to oil-filled heaters. However, with great comfort comes great risk. Studies show that an average of 25,000 fires a year are caused by space heaters. Out of those fires came 6,000 injuries and 300 deaths. Those are some scary statics, but disasters can be avoided with space heater safety. Here are some tips to ensure safety to all space heater users.

Don’t Leave Unattended

The first and most important rule is to never leave a space heater unattended. Space heaters should have a babysitter, especially considering their dangerous reputation. There is a variety of things that can go wrong, from overheating, to catching a flammable object. Not only should you not leave the house with it on, but you shouldn’t even fall asleep with it in full force either.

Provide 3 Feet of Clearance

Second, space heaters should be placed a minimum of 3 feet away from other objects. Items like upholstery and other furniture are prone to catch fire when overheating. Keep surrounding objects clear of space heaters, especially items that heat up easily.

Plug Directly Into Wall

Do not plug space heaters into power strips, fire officials warn - CBS News

Space heaters should be plugged directly into the wall outlet, and not into a cable extension. Extension cords and power strips are not equipped to handle the high currents that come with space heaters. Even a heavy-duty extension cord can be at fault for overheating or melting. These powerful heaters are for wall outlets only!

Utilize Fire Prevention Features

Most space heaters these days come with a number of features that increase the safety of these systems. Automatic shut off and timers are perfect to There is also often an overheat detection feature that knows to shut down when things get too hot. If a space heater’s got these features, please utilize them! If not, be attentive to the duration of the heater and how hot it may be getting.

Place on Flat Surface

Steady, flat surfaces with minimal foot traffic are the best areas for your space heater. This ensures that the heater wont risk tipping over causing the carpet or other objects on the floor to catch fire. A home with pets is extra prone for tipping over a heater, so make so you have extra stability!


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