Saving Your Home From FreezingTemperatures

Do the frigid temperatures have you worried about the safety of your family as well as for your home? Below freezing temps can cause frozen pipes, leaky roofs and even broken furnaces. Lets be honest, no one wants to be the victim of a broken furnace when the wind chill is in the negative. Here are a few quick ways to prevent a frozen disaster:


  • Make sure that your filter is clean and free of debris.
  • If you have a high efficiency furnace with termination pipes make sure snow does not block them or that they have frozen.
  • Also check both the intake and exhaust vents


  • Buy a roof rake to clear off the snow. Please ensure that youre incredibly careful when it comes to any type of roof maintenance.
  • Check the vents in the attic to be sure they are not covered by insulation.
  • Check that your bathroom fan is vented outside the attic.


  • Pipe problems have a tendency to happen in an area that is not heated, so you have a slight advantage unless your pipes are in a room that does not include a heating vent.
  • Spray foam insulator near the cracks or doors where a cool draft is coming into the pipe area.
  • You can also buy insulation made specifically for piping to help insulate your piping.
  • Allow the water to drip when necessary. If youre not interested in hearing the noise form the faucet, tie a piece of yarn around the tap and let it dang down into the sink. This will allow the water to flow down the string and leave you noise free!

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