We all know that the winter season brings about cold and snowy weather outside, but what about the extremely dry conditions it causes inside? Do you find yourself struggling with the inconvenient affects of having a dry house? Bloody noses, headaches, sinus infections can all be caused by the lack of humidity in your house.

Did you know that there are a few types of heater humidifies that you can purchase and even have installed in you home? There happens to be three main designs when it comes to heater humidifiers:

o Steam produces high volumes of moisture, but cautions must be exercised near the equipment because of hot parts and surfaces

o Fan-operated a fan drives air through an evaporative pad to disperse moisture into the circulating air in the home; up to 18 gallons of moisture per day can be processed

o Bypass part of the airstream is directed through the unit and the evaporative pad to move moisture throughout the house; up to 17 gallons of moisture per day can be processed.

Deciding on the right unit for your home will require the assistance of an HVAC professional. Your technician can check your home and HVAC system design to evaluate how much moisture is needed and how well each type of unit can integrate with your ducts.If youre in need of some heating assistance, call the experts atPoormans Heating and Air Conditioning(260.422.3534). Emergency services are available 24/7.You wont be disappointed withPoormansquick response and affordable, outstanding service. Dont forget to check outPoormans Facebookpage! Like us!