We love our pets and we know the extra work that comes with them regarding feeding, walking and trips to the vet. But, do you know that you should also be doing a bit more HVAC maintenance than a homeowner with no pets needs to do? Here are a few things that we recommend that will help your HVAC system function as efficiently as possible.

Brush Your Pet & Vacuum Regularly

Brushing your pet takes time. However, there are many benefits to doing it regularly. By doing this, theres less pet hair on your floors, carpet and clothing. That means theres let pet hair clogging your air filters and ending up in your duct work. Of course, no matter how often you brush, there is still pet hair and dander (yes even with pets that supposedly dont shed) in the air and on your flooring. Thats why you should be vacuuming at least once a week.

Check Your Filters Monthly

Even if you have filters rated for 90 days, you should check them monthly. The pet hair and dander in your home could clog them more quickly. Clogged filters make your HVAC system work harder. The harder it works, the less efficient and the more likely something can go wrong. We also recommend that homeowners with pets use at least a 10 MERV filter and preferably a 12 MERV as that can trap the pet dander better than a lower rated filter.

Protect Your Outdoor Unit

If your outdoor unit is accessible to your dog, we recommend fencing around it. For whatever reason, dogs love to use it as a bathroom. This can lead to issues with the unit when they repeatedly urinate on it. Also, some dog and cats use it to scratch themselves. Pet hair can lead to several issues in the unit and the more you can keep your pet away, the less likely they are to cause an issue. You would be amazed what our technicians find during their regular HVAC maintenance visits at some homes.

Poormans Heating & Air Provides HVAC Maintenance

If you havent had HVAC maintenance this year, call Poormans Heating & Air at (260) 422-3534 to schedule your tune-up. Of course, we also offer full repair and new system installations. We service the northwestern Ohio and northeastern Indiana areas from our office in Fort Wayne, IN.