modulating furnace makes you more comfortable

As you begin your research for a new heating system, you may have come across the term modulating furnace or two stage furnace. If youre not familiar these terms and, you may want to read our previous blog that will help you understand their operation and your options (click here). Although every situation is different, we highly recommend considering a modulating furnace for your new heating system if you plan on staying in your home more than five years. Here are four reasons why.

1. Theyre Highly Energy Efficient

If you want the most energy efficient heater for your home, look at a gas modulating furnace. Because they are meant to run at lower levels for longer periods, they can be as much as 98% efficient. Although youll spend a bit more initially, that difference is quickly made up in cost of operation.

2. Your Home Will Be More Comfortable

With single stage furnaces you get that initial blast of hot air that can make you feel warm at first, however modulating furnaces heat your home more evenly. The fact they run more often keeps the air in your home moving away from the vents so you have a more evenly heated home.

3. Better Indoor Air Quality

Never before has air quality been such a high topic of conversation. As a modulating furnace almost continually runs, your homes air will be cleaner.

4. Quiet Operation

If you have an older single stage heater, you likely hear it every time it comes on, while it is running and even when it shuts off. A modulating furnace may not operate at full capacity at all during any given day. Because of this, they are quieter.

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