Thinking of GoingGeothermal?

Heating and cooling your home through the power of the underground is getting to be more and more popular for homeowners. Underground, you ask? Yes, you heard correctly! Geothermal is the process of drawing energy from underground in order to heat or cool an area. Today, the amount of geothermal energy users has well surpassed one million in America. Even though going geothermal tends to require less maintenance than furnaces and air conditioning units, its not necessarily something to jump right into.

Here are some important things to consider when deciding to go geothermal:

  • Proper Installation: Make sure that your geothermal system is installed by a qualified HVAC technician. This installation by far exceeds the regular HVAC installation and will need to be done by a company that is particularly knowledgeable in the outdoor components required to provide you with a fully functioning system. If installed properly, you will experience very little necessary maintenance.
  • Debris Damage: When maintenance does need to be done to your geothermal system it often times includes clearing dirt and other debris from the heat exchanger, blower or sometimes even both.
  • Antifreeze: Underground in your system antifreeze or a mixture of both water and antifreeze circulates throughout the loops to help absorb thermal energy. In order to keep your system running top notch, the levels of antifreeze must be checked to make sure your system is running properly.
  • Piping: You have two choices when it comes to piping your underground system: cooper or plastic. Whatever type you have running underground should not require maintenance. However, technicians do have the ability to check your pipes to make sure there is no leaking.

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