Stray Energy

Are there times when you leave the house and forget to turn off an important appliance? Perhaps you left a light on or the television playing to an empty roomits happened to all of us: stray energy waste. Did you know that often times stray energy waste can unintentionally be due to your heating and cooling equipment without you even being aware?

Here are some examples of stray energy:

  • Broken or malfunctioning sensors: Sensors help fans or pumps to run when necessary. If an issue occurs where the sensor is not working properly your equipment could be running when not needed wasting energy.
  • Thermostat: Have you ever adjusted your thermostat only to forget to go back and readjust it? If you fail to reset your thermostat you could be losing an incredible amount of energy unintentionally.

Within the past few months the Natural Resources Defense Council has published a report titled, Real Time Energy Management, which helps support evidence about the possibility of fairly significant savings when the loss of stray energy is recognized.

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