Although vital for our homes, air conditioners can sometimes be an eyesore if they are not maintained well. Many homeowners like to dress up their air conditioners with landscaping to make it more of a “feature” piece. Others may want to hide them away. However, it is important to remember that certain things can impede the function of your A/C altogether. You want to be sure that nothing will restrict airflow or interfere with the air conditioner in any way. Below are some ideas on how to landscape around your A/C and what to keep in mind.

1. Plants and Flowers

Air Conditioner and Plants

Plants are a great way to dress up the space for your air conditioner. Keep the plants a distance of at least 2-3 feet from your air conditioner, or even more depending on how much they grow. Trees and shrubbery should be well trimmed. Airflow becomes restricted if things are hanging over the top. So make sure there is at least 5-6 feet of clearance above the unit, and 2-3 feet around the unit.

2. Gravel

Gravel Around AC

Gravel is an easy, maintenance free home for your air conditioner. As long as your unit is raised on a level cement platform, anything else can be gravel. Plus, there is a wide abundance of stone and rock to choose from. It really gives a clean, polished look. The best part? No weeds to pull or plants to water!

3. Fences

Fence around AC Lattice around AC

Fences are great for those who don’t want their air conditioners on display. Plank fences are not only visually appealing, but they make for a great wind break. Lattice fences are widely popular because they still allow you to see. Just make sure your air conditioner is accessible from at least one side.

4. Shade

Air conditioners don’t like to stay out in the sun all day, every day. So, build something that provides shade they can sit behind to keep them cool. Trees, shrubs, and fences do just that! A cooler climate for your air conditioner is perfect for keeping it running as efficient as possible.

5. Ask a Professional

Licensed HVAC technicians, like Poorman’s Heating & Air can provide insight on how to properly landscape around your A/C. Ask for recommendations if your A/C location is not equipped to handle its current location and what can be done to solve the problem. Our partner, Trane, offers weatherguard covers too. We offer payment options such as financing through Wells Fargo. Click here for more information.