air conditioning repair

You likely dont notice when your air condition is on anymore because youre use to the noise it makes when its running. However, when it starts making a new sound, you realize it right away. You probably wonder what the noise is and how much its going to cost to fix it. Here are some common sounds that indicate something is wrong and that you need an air conditioner repair in New Haven, IN.


This is often an issue with an obstruction to the fan blade. Although usually when youre hearing the thumping or banging noise, the damage is already done, sometimes you can remedy it. Take a look at the outside unit and see if a stick or something else has fallen into the fans way. If you can safely remove it, do so, however, wait until the fan stops and then inspect the fan for damage. If you see damage, call for air conditioner repair.


Squealing can often be attributed to the fan belt. Over time your fan belt requires lubrication which is a great reason for regular air conditioning maintenance. Eventually it will need to be replaced and the squealing (or screeching) you hear is an indication that something is wrong.


Rattling type sounds can mean lots of things. It always means a call to your air conditioner repair company is necessary. Sometimes a part has come loose, other times it can mean something much more serious like a failing compressor.

Whistling and Hissing

This is one sound that you should pay attention to immediately. In fact, we recommend first shutting off your air conditioning and then calling Poormans Heating & Air for repair. A whistling or hissing sound often is the sound of leaking refrigerant.

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