Weather Affecting YourBill

If youre not on a fixed monthly electricity bill, do you sometimes have trouble figuring out the rhyme and reason behind the payment youre making? The weather definitely plays a factor in your billing fluctuation.

During the warmth of the summer cooling your house can account for up to 50% of your electricity bill. Lowering your thermostat to keep cool and comfortable causes your AC unit to run longer thus increasing the electricity use. Turning your thermostat up a few degrees or on Auto can help save a few dollars throughout the summer months.

If you find that cool air is escaping through your home, it might be best to have your house inspected. The colder air can be escaping through old windows, doors, your chimney and even surprisingly enough your electrical outlets!

You may also find that if your home was built around or before the 1980s that your attic lacks any type of proper insulation. This can pose a problem due to the fact that both your cool and warm air (depending on the season) can easily be escaping through the lack of insulation. This issue can be remedied with additional insulation added to your attic area.

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