Does the Humidity Affect Your AirConditioning?

The past few days in Fort Wayne have been filled with an overload of unwanted humidity. Well admit that a few months ago we were begging for the warmer temperatures, but we didnt bargain for the extra humidity. Did you know that high humidity can affect the way your air conditioning unit runs?

Heres the low down on what happens when humidity and your air conditioning cross paths. Basically, when the humidity levels are high your air conditioner has to work much harder to keep your area cool. If your air conditioning unit is struggling to keep up with the extreme moist air, than chances are youre feeling rather uncomfortable in your home.

Here are some signs your air conditioner cant overcompensate for the extreme humidity:

  • The air in your home feels clammy.
  • Your windows are fogging. This happens when the humidity vaporizes into water in the air.
  • An unpleasant musty odor. The dampness in your home caused by the unwanted moisture may cause your home to leave a musty stench in the air.

These high humidity problems can often be solved by the addition of a dehumidifier to your HVAC system. If youre in the market for a new or more efficient dehumidifier,call the experts at Poormans Heating and Air Conditioning (260.422.3534). Emergency services are available 24/7. You wont be disappointed with Poormans quick response and affordable, outstanding service. Dont forget to check out Poormans Facebook page! Like us!

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