High Humidity in Indiana

With all the rain we received during the spring and early summer it felt as though the temperatures were never going to be enjoyable! Now weve reached sunny sky potential, but the heat and humidity have been hard to bear. It is a known fact that early high summer temperatures are more dangerous than temperatures that occur later in the summer. When a persons body cannot properly cool itself, heat related illnesses can occur. When your bodys temperature begins to rise, your body is in danger of overheating and dehydration. Other factors that can play a part in such heat related illnesses are age, obesity, dehydration, and drug or alcohol use. These factors can make it harder for the body to stay cool during hot, humid weather. Heat related illnesses are easily preventable. Doing simple things can prevent you from dehydration and putting your body at risk for heat related illnesses. Simple prevention such as drinking more water, limiting your alcohol intake, wearing light weight, light colored, and loose fitting clothes can help you keep cool when out in this high humid, summer heat. You can also do things such as staying indoors where it is air conditioned, using electric fans, taking a cool bath or shower, to keep cool.

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