Budgeting for your Air Conditioning

If youre worried about affording your energy bills this summer season, there are several ways that you can cut back and save on your bills! You would be very surprised with a little effort how easy it is to save when needing to run your air conditioning!

Plant Foliage

A great way to cut back on the amount of sun shining directly into your home is by planting trees and other leafy plants outside. The addition of these trees will help block the direct sunlight that heats up your home, and it will keep your property looking beautiful for many years to come.

Shut the Windows

Once the summer heat sets in, these open windows are invitations for the warm air outside. Try keeping your home cool by closing those windows when the thermometer starts climbing a bit too high. Open them up when the sun sets and the cooler nighttime air begins creeping in.

Eat Chilled Food

As silly as it sounds, try eating food that is actually cooler. Fruit salads are a perfect dish to enjoy on a warm summer day. By consuming the lower temperature food, you are enabling your internal body temperature to remain lower and keep you cooler. Cooler food also requires little or no cooking, which will also help keep your home much cooler.

Set your Thermostat

Many of us have programmable thermostats in our home. The problem many of us face is programming it correctly. Pay attention to the times that your family is up and at home. Those are the times your thermostat should be set a little lower. If you are going to be gone for awhile or when your family is asleep, be sure to set the thermostat a bit higher. These little changes can save you upwards of 15% on heating and cooling costs.

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