Does My Furnace Need Repaired? Pt.1

Its the time of year when you should be scheduling your semi-annual HVAC inspection. Not only should you be thinking about scheduling your appointment, but you should also be aware of the signs that your furnace is infact unwell. Does it make weird noises? Does it smell funny? Does it not get warm enough? All of the signs are signaling a furnace in need of some (hopefully) basic repairs. This first blog is going to discuss a few issues we hear customers having with their furnace.

Furnace making angry noises: While its true that no furnace is going to be whisper-quiet, it is also not normal for a furnace to be making all manner of strange noises. If you hear sounds that sound like something out of a horror film (groaning, banging, and whining noises) your furnace repairs might include replacing a loose belt, correcting an ignition problem, or replacing a component that is about to fail.

Furnace wont get warm: When youre cold, your natural response is to try to warm things up. Usually all you need to do if you have a furnace is go bump the heat up a few notches at the thermostatbut what if this isnt working? Your thermostat may be faulty, or you may have leaking ducts, or a problem with your pilot light.

High electric bills: Higher than normal electricity bills often indicate inefficient performance, which can be caused by a variety of problems. It is best to have a qualified professional diagnose the issue rather than trying to do so yourself.

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