Do You Need aDehumidifier?

With the spring and summer weather hopefully visiting Indiana soon its important to start thinking about a rise in the humidity and how youre going to handle it in your household.

Unfortunately, the humidity cannot be controlled through air circulation and your HVAC system alone.

Do you use a dehumidifier?

Dehumidifiersare used to reduce moisture levels per unit volume of air. The most important thing to consider before installing one is its proper capacity. Purchasing/using a dehumidifier that may be too small or too large for your particular space defeats the purpose. Thankfully, systems are available in different capacities and should be installed according to the size of your rooms and humidity levels. Since capacity is proportional to size, the biggest dehumidifiers have the highest capacities. Therefore, colossal rooms with high humidity levels require larger dehumidifiers than smaller rooms with lower levels.

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