Northeast Indiana is filled with a large amount of heating and air conditioning companies to choose from. But how do you know which company to go with for your repair and install services? Sure, any company may be able to get the job done, but there are some things to consider when choosing a business to go with. Poormans Heating and Air is a locally-owned small business in Fort Wayne, IN that provides a variety of services that help the people in the area. When you support a small business like Poormans, there are a number of benefits. Here are some of the benefits of supporting a small, locally-owned business.

Poorman's Heating and Air Conditioning

Local Employees

The summation of two companies and their employees could either be good or bad depending on the measures the new company takes. However, sometimes with a buyout comes new rules and methods for the business, which can be hard for the existing employees to stand by. When everything you know about a business suddenly changes, it can be difficult to adjust. Sure, more employees could mean double the brainpower, or it could mean more conflict and employee changeouts. A smaller, local company is more likely to have loyal employees who have been familiar with the same tactics that they’ve been using for years.

Quality Service

With smaller, local companies comes a more fine-tuned experience for their customers. These companies tend to be more familiar with their customers and equipment. With familiarity, comes a quicker, more personalized customer service experience. A company that gets to know each individual customer values the conversations tailored to you as a customer to keep you coming back for years.

No Gimmicks

Local companies are very transparent about their deals and prices. On the contrary, some large buyout companies will do and say anything to get their foot in the door. Pay attention to what these “great deals” mean. For example, a cheap repair diagnostic will only cover a quick glance for a possible repair diagnosis and does not cover the actual repair. Or promoting that something is “free” when it is not actually free. Check out our blog on the “Free” Furnace Gimmick. The money is made back by up-charging labor and materials when the repair/install is actually done. Not many small, local businesses participate in the gimmicks, so you know what you’re getting up front.

Creates More Jobs

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. They provide economic growth by opening up employment opportunities to the locals. The services these businesses provide help the employees and the customers at the same time, all while reducing unemployement rates for the area. Supporting a small business is a win-win for both parties.

Community Support

When you support a small, independent business, the money spent towards that business is kept within the community. Small business owners appreciate all the support, and they often give back to the community as a response. The money spent at a small business shows the appreciation for the services they provide and what they are doing for the community.