Last week we started our mini-blog series with some of the most commonly asked questions about their HVAC. Whether gas or electric, mini split systems, furnaces or blown air, homeowners have similar questions. We couldnt possibly include all of them in our blogs, however, know that were happy to answer your questions anytime.

Is Repairing a Mini Split Air Conditioning System Worth It?

That depends on its age and what is wrong with it. The best thing to do is call a licensed HVAC contractor and have them perform mini split air conditioning troubleshooting. Of course, before you call you can do your own mini split air conditioner troubleshooting like making sure its plugged in and the breaker hasnt tripped. Once they determine what is wrong and provide you with an estimate for repair, they can discuss with you the best option. The same can be said for a traditional HVAC system or furnace.

Is My HVAC Gas or Electric?

gas valve on gas furnace
A gas shut off valve is one way to tell if your HVAC is gas or electric.

All mini-split or ductless systems are electric. Air conditioners are always electric. However, your furnace may be gas or electric. Some older homes may still have an oil burning furnace. So, how to tell if your HVAC is gas or electric? Youll need to go to your furnace and look at it. One of the easiest things to do is look at the label. If yours no longer has one, look for a pilot light. The flickering flame of a gas furnaces pilot light is one sure sign. Newer units that are completely outside have two indication that theyre gas. First is the gas shut off valve. Second is a carbon monoxide warning sticker as electric units dont have this issue.

carbon monoxide sticker on gas furnace
A sticker like this one is another way to tell if your unit is gas or electric. Only gas creates carbon monoxide.

You Didnt Install My AC, Can I Call Poormans for HVAC Unit Repair?

Yes! You dont have to use the company who originally installed it or even the previous company who repaired it. You can trust Poormans five-star repair team with your HVAC (gas or electric) repair and maintenance needs. Call us today at (260) 422-3534 or fill out our contact form.