Do you feel like theres something wrong with your homes mini-split air conditioner? Air conditioning units can suffer from a wide variety of issues, so you have to know which signs and symptoms point to which problems. Here are a few troubleshooting tips to help you out from ourAC repairexperts.

Troubleshooting Tips for Your Mini-Split AC

When Your AC Unit Wont Power On

Is your AC not powering on? This could be due to a lack of power in either the main unit or the remote. Start by checking if the unit is plugged in. If it is, proceed by checking to see if your remotes batteries are due for a replacement. If this doesn’t work either, check the circuit breaker to make sure the outlet hasn’t been tripped (a sign of overloading or short-circuiting). Anything beyond that could indicate a more serious problem, which means you should call a technician.

When Your AC Unit Doesnt Cool Enough

Is your AC not cooling the air properly? Inefficient cooling can be caused by a variety of different factors. For example, a dirty evaporator (the indoor component) could fail to circulate cool air. If the unit is clean, check to make sure the fan is working properly. A dirty compressor (the outdoor component) could also cause the same issue because the cooling fins are coated with dirt. Call anAC companyto have your unit cleaned and checked for possible coolant/antifreeze-related issues.

When Your AC Unit Isnt Responsive

An unresponsive AC can either have a remote control issue or a programming issue. First, check to see if your units remote control still has plenty of battery life left. You can try to reset the air conditioners settings (a procedure that depends on the make or model of your unit). If neither of these attempts work, its probably something that only a technician can fix.

Avoiding DIY

If youve exhausted all troubleshooting steps, theres no reason to try to open up your unit for a more thorough look. To avoid accidentally causing more damage to your unit, you should get help from aheating and cooling company. They can perform advanced troubleshooting more safely and effectively.

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