Maintaining superior indoor air quality brings a lot of benefits for your health and creates a comfortable environment in which to live. The function of air purifiers is to cleanse the air of harmful pollutants and reduce indoor air pollution. So do you still need an air purifier if you have perfectly-working HVAC filters? Read on to learn from theheater repairexperts at Poormans Heating & Air if you should get an air purifier to supplement your HVAC filters.

Should Air Purifiers Be Coupled With HVAC Filters?

Better Than Air Filters

Air filters installed in your HVAC system are made of felt, mesh or fibrous mats that prevent dust particles from entering your home. However, they do have their limitations. as theyre ineffective against bacteria and other small contaminants. Even if you install a state-of-the-art air filter, this wont help cleanse other pollutants present from other sources in your home. HVAC filters are also limited in both size and capacity, so having a dedicated air purifier can help cleanse the air in certain areas of your home.

It Lets Your HVAC Filters Rest

Since your air purifier is doing most of the work keeping your indoor air clean, letting your HVAC filter rest helps reduce the number of particles that it has to take care of. As a result, you dont have to clean your HVAC filters as often, as there are fewer particles to clean out. Your HVAC system will then be able to focus more on regulating the temperature in your home. Overall, this reduces your maintenance costs, and you wont have to worry about calling an HVAC andfurnace replacementcontractor to take care of your unit.

Find a Purifier That Fits Your Needs

Not all air purifiers are the same, and you should find one that helps cleanse the specific particles that are bothering you at home. Take note of the filtration system used by your air purifier, as some of them use UV light or gas-based filters to keep the air clean. UV lamps are great for killing bacteria and preventing mold growth, while HEPA filters are great for taking care of pet dander.

At Poormans Heating & Air, our iWave whole-home purifiers reduce pathogens such as E. Coli, tuberculosis, mold spores and even coronavirus.

For all of these reasons, it certainly helps to have an air purifier to help maintain your HVAC filter and keep your home healthy and comfortable to live in.

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