With chilly weather around the corner, there is no better time to prep your home for the changing of the seasons. Your home could use more than just a furnace tune-up this year. Here are some easy ways to keep your home warm this winter:

Seal and Insulate

Having a fully sealed home is one of the best ways to help you save on energy bills. Control the heat loss in your home by sealing up those nooks and crannies in around the house. Close the gaps around windows and doors with caulk to avoid drafts. Add more insulation in the walls or attic to keep the warm air in. If your home has storm doors, replace them with glass panels to keep even more heat in.

Protect yourPipes

One of the most common, and most expensive incidents is frozen pipe bursts. Pipes freeze when the temperature drops below freezing and the pipes are exposed to that temperature for a prolonged period of time. When water freezes, it expands in volume by 9%. When this happens in a closed pipe, it increases in pressure. If the pressure high for too long, it causes the pipe to burst. To protect your pipes from freezing, insulate any pipes in the exterior regions of your home. There are many different types of pipe installation. Some are more suitable for condensation prevention, while others are suited for hot-water applications.

Clean the Chimney

If you are using your fireplace as a source of heat this winter, ensure that your chimney is cleaned out and properly inspected. Avoiding chimney routine procedures can cause problems down the road, commonly a house fire. Soot and creosote buildup is a byproduct of burning wood. Soot is more easy to clean up, but creosote causes more hassle. Creosote is a heavy, thick, tar-like residue that sticks to the chimney lining. It is dangerous because it is extremely flammable. Chimneys should be cleaned annually. Refer to Country Living’s guide for more information about chimney maintenance.

How to Clean a Chimney – How Often Should a Chimney Be Cleaned? (countryliving.com)


Change Fan Direction

If you’re looking for a thermostat-free way to warm up your home, look to your ceiling fans. You may not believe it, but changing the direction of your fan is a great way to keep warm! During the cold months, your ceiling fans should be moving clockwise. Fans that rotate clockwise pull cool air up, while the warm air falls down the walls and back to the floor.

Tune-up Your Furnace

Lastly, consult an HVAC contractor to make sure your furnace is running exactly how it’s supposed to. Preventative maintenance is a great way to prevent any costly problems from happening to your systems in the future. Poorman’s offers preventative maintenance plans to tune-up your systems twice per year for $229. Call today to set up a preventative maintenance appointment!