Your HVAC system combines all climate control technologies into one convenient unit. Your business benefits from this greatly, as it keeps your commercial space comfortable throughout the year no matter the season. However, for it to be truly effective, your heating and cooling system also has to achieve maximum efficiency. After all. you dont want to burn a hole through your pocket every time your monthly energy bill arrives, do you? Poorman’s Heating & Air, your number oneheating and cooling company, can help you with this by providing some tips.

Invest More in Efficient Insulation

One of the major changes that can make HVAC systems more efficient is implementing a good insulation strategy. Poorly-insulated properties that have a poorly- maintained system will constantly leak hot and cold air. This forces your HVAC unit to run longer to maintain the desired temperature, which means youll be paying more than you should while its performance slowly deteriorates over time.

With proper insulation, you wont have to worry about paying too much on your utility bill. When you hire a reliableAC repairtechnician, theyll help you choose from among the common types of insulation to find the one that will work best for your business: regular fiberglass, foam padding or other expandable materials that fill small gaps.

Dont Skip Maintenance

You may have heard this before, but regular maintenance really is important if you want your HVAC system to stay efficient. Since your unit is probably installed in a place where it won’t be seen–such as in the crawl space, in a closet, on the rooftop, in the machine room or in a section of the basement–its not surprising if you end up forgetting about it. By the time you remember, youve probably already neglected routine maintenance checks of your HVAC system. Not only will you end up with decreased efficiency and higher utility costs, youll also experience discomfort and loss of productivity, and eventually a premature replacement will be necessary.

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