Is your furnace due for a replacement? Have you thought about what kind of furnace you want? A lot of homeowners are unaware of the different types of furnaces you can buy. One of the biggest things you should consider is whether to get a one stage, two stage, or modulating furnace. The difference between these are huge, and can determine the ultimate comfort you want your home to have.

1 Stage:

One stage furnaces are easy to understand, because they can either be ON or OFF. These furnaces are the cheapest, though they tend to be louder because they utilize 100% heating output every time they are on. Every time it comes on, the temperature rises above the desired temperature, and then will turn off until the temperature is way below the desired temperature. The constant starting and stopping creates wear and tear on your furnace over time, and can lead to higher heating costs. Not to mention, the temperature fluctuations means that your home will always have warm and cool spots.

2 Stage:

Two stage furnaces are more efficient and quieter than 1 stage. Unlike 1 stage furnaces, which unnecessarily have to be running at 100%, 2 stage furnaces have a secondary setting which uses 60-70% of the heating output. This is the setting it is mainly run on, until the temperature drops significantly which causes the gas valve to open at 100% capacity. Since 2 stage furnaces are constantly running, they are always circulating air in your home, which means better air quality. The ability to run on lower settings allow you to save on energy and keep your home running at more optimal temperature.

Modulating Furnaces:

As crème of the crop, modulating furnaces offer the best air and temperature control of them all. The flame in modulating furnaces can increase and decrease in smaller, finer increments so that the temperature of your home is more consistent. These furnaces allow for greater control of the heat output at any time, meaning your home will always be the temperature you set it to. Since your furnace doesn’t have to be running at 100%, your furnace is also quieter while saving big on heating costs. The savings in energy consumption is often enough to offset the extra investment you put into these fuel efficient furnaces. If that’s not enough to convince you, the lower speed option that modulating furnaces allow can prolong their lifespan, causing them to last longer than the other furnaces.


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