Heat pumps have grown in popularity over the years because of their advances in HVAC technology. In fact, they can be a complete system replacement. They provide a range of benefits that some heating and cooling systems can’t provide. However, quick advancement may lead to an outdated reputation. Unfortunately, some people can have some incorrect assumptions towards heat pumps. Here are 5 common heat pump myths debunked.

Heat Pumps

Myth: Heat Pumps can only heat.

Fact: Heat pumps can both heat and cool.

They can do it all! They work by moving heat around. In the summer, it takes heat from inside your home and pushes it out. In the winter, it does the opposite. It absorbs heat from outside and pushes it in. But how does that work when it’s cold outside? Refrigerant lines. Not only can it provide both temperatures, but they can also filter and dehumidify your air!

Myth: Heat pumps are more expensive to install

Fact: Heat pump installation is just as simple as installing an air conditioner.

Although they used to rely on excavating coils underground, heat pumps have made significant strides in technology. Installation is now easier than ever. The difference between an air conditioner installation and a heat pump installation may just be a couple additional wires, and possibly a new thermostat. No digging required!

Myth: Heat pumps are not efficient.

Fact: Heat pumps can be up to three times more efficient than standard heating and cooling methods.

As mentioned before, heat pumps move heat, not produce heat, making it significantly more efficient. They generate far less carbon dioxide than traditional heating methods. In fact, they are the greenest HVAC method available. Not to mention, they are great for the mid-temperature seasons like fall and spring. They provide enough heat themselves that there is no need to run a backup heating method. Great to save money and the planet!

Myth: Heat pumps are noisy.

Fact: Heat pumps have sound ratings similar to air conditioners.

Early models of heat pumps have a reputation of being louder than today’s models. Luckily, technology has advanced enough to make current models as quiet as 40 decibels, and possibly up to 50 when working hard. This is equivalent to light traffic if you live near a road. No different than a standard air conditioner.


Myth: Heat pumps are not good for Northeast Indiana.

Fact: Heat pumps are great for Northeast Indiana!

Heat pumps work great with your existing furnace system. They are flexible, efficient, and easy to install. However, heat pumps struggle when in subzero temperatures, which is why backup heat, or auxiliary heat is necessary.  Luckily, the mid-temperature seasons, like fall and spring, is where heat pumps excel. They provide enough heat themselves that there is no need to run a backup heating method. So these seasons will be efficient and great on your energy bills!

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