Tips to Save Energy Over the Holidays Pt.2

If youre planning on traveling this holiday season make sure you take some extra time to downgrade the energy use in your home. Being energy conscious while youre away is incredibly easy and can help save you extra money on your bill!

Save energy now, heres how:

  • Lowering your thermostat can help save money and energy. Its recommended that you lower your thermostat to 60 degrees, but it really is a preference. Bottom line is, why have the heat set at 72 degrees if youre not around to need it?
  • If you turn your water heater to a lower setting (Or vacation setting if available) you can save quite a bit of energy by avoiding running your heater as usual.
  • If youre concerned with the safety of your home on top of saving energy while youre vacationing, try purchasing some light timers. Using timers on the inside and outside of your home can help ensure youre not wasting energy by leaving a light on 24/7, but also can lead unwanted visitors to believe youre still home.

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