Tips to Save Energy Over the Holidays Pt.1

Holiday decorating, although festive can take quite a toll on the monthly electric bill. Have no fear, theres a way to enjoy the holiday decorations and avoid an outrageous bill. With a little planning, you can have a dazzling display that will have little impact on your energy bill:

Christmas light bulbs have come a long way since the beginning of decorating. In order to save some money and energy, try purchasing energy-efficient lights or LED lights to avoid the power overload.

Turn off your outdoor decorations when youre not home or sleeping. This can be done manually, or even with an outdoor light timer. You can purchase a timer from any hardware store. Youd be amazed at all the extra energy youll save by being conscious about leaving your outdoor lights on.

Lastly, consider using decorations that require minimal (if any) lighting. You can choose to take a less expensive route and decorate with wreaths, garland and holiday bows to help cut back on energy costs. Some people even prefer this alternative do to a classier outdoor look.

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