Were heading into the days we often call the dog days of summer. Its hot and its humid. If youre looking for some relief from the summer heat in your home, consider ductless cooling. Ductless mini-split systems are a great option for many situations.

How Ductless Cooling Works

Ductless cooling originally was a solution for homes without ductwork who needed or wanted a different solution than window units. Because it is really a heat pump, todays ductless systems are both heating and cooling units. You can install one or more units throughout your home that feed back to an outdoor unit that transfers the heat out of your home or brings the heat into it. A properly designed and installed system can efficiently heat or cool your entire home all year.

Who Should Consider Ductless Cooling

Many homes throughout Fort Wayne, Auburn and New Haven, Indiana were built before ductwork was common in homes. Installing ducts is cost prohibitive in most cases. So, theyre a great solution for air conditioning in homes without ducts. However, even if you have ductwork in your home, you may want to consider a mini-split system. You can use the units in rooms that never seem to get comfortable with your central heat or air conditioning like an attic or room above a garage. If youre only using a few rooms in your home, running a ductless cooling system may be cheaper than running central air conditioning. And, if you have one family member who prefers to be much warmer or cooler than the rest of the residents, a mini-split system is a great way to meet their needs as well.

Poormans Heating & Air Installs Mini-Split Systems

Whether you need one unit to help your whole home heating and cooling system or dont have ductwork, call Poormans Heating & Air today for a free quote on a mini-split system today and enjoy ductless cooling in your home the rest of the summer. Reach us at (260) 422-3534 or fill out our contact form for your appointment.