Summer Attic Ventilation

Insulation in your attic is probably the furthest from your mind during the summer months, but are you aware that sealing your attic from the elements can help you year round? The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) says that in the summer, good attic ventilation and insulation is vital. By ensuring the attic is well ventilated, the extra hot air is pushed out. This will protect the roof shingles and help remove moisture. The insulation works to block the transfer of hot attic air down into your home. We also suggest adding an attic fan to help cool down your attic during the warmer months. Remember, the cooler the attic the cooler your home!

The DOE also supports the smart practice of adding insulation to the attic while allowing cool air to flow through it, even though this may sound counterintuitive. In the winter, cold outdoor air should be allowed to enter the attic so it can keep it cool and prevent ice damming. Since ice damming can cause damage to the roof that could end up turning into an expensive repair job, its easy to see why avoiding this is a must.

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