My Furnace is Making a Weird Noise Pt.3

This is the last installment of the three part series regarding noisy furnaces. In the previous blogs we discussed the whiney noise and the banging noise heard when starting and/or running your furnace. Lastly, well go into a little more detail regarding a scraping sound heard when starting up your furnace.

Scraping noise when starting your furnace:When your furnace is on and it starts to sound like metal is rubbing together than you may have a loose or broken part. The main part that would be making this noise it the blower wheel. If you are hearing what sounds like either metal or rubber please give us a call to come out and give it a look before further damage is done. If your furnace is making a weird noise, dont let it go un-diagnosed. Furnaces, like all machines, will make noise once in awhile but when something begins to sound out of the ordinary please give our professionals at Poormans Heating and Air a call to help you prevent what could be some costly repairs.

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