In previousPoormans Heating and Air Conditioningblogs, I have stressed the importance of ensuring your heating and air conditioning units are clean and up to standards before both the winter and summer seasons. Now not only is it important to get this checked, but it also could be life threatening if you dont. Mold has been on the increase in recent years, and is seriously effecting our indoor air quality. Recently theWall Street Journalpublished an article claiming that mold complaints are on the rise. Health issues are visible only when surrounded by a mold infestation, when removed from the area symptoms have a tendency to subside.

Unfortunately, the dreaded mold and its partner in crime, bacteria all live in HVAC systems. Just one spore of mold can grow into a quantity the size of a quarter in just a few short days. The problem is that theres no way to completely get rid of them in indoor air. Thus, the indoor air is infected and mycotoxins are spread throughout the air and inhaled causing several health problems, even damage to the central nervous system.

According to theAmerican Lung Association, a dirty HVAC system can harbor contaminants responsible for infectious diseases, including chicken pox, measles and influenza. Although you cant get rid of mold and mildew completely, there is something you can do before this hazard becomes harmful to your health.Keeping up with maintenance to your HVAC system can help prevent microbial growth and the various health conditions caused by poor indoor air quality. Not only does adequate maintenancelead to better health and greater operating efficiency, but it also extends the life of the HVAC system and lowers energy bills.

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Still curious about mold? Check out this YouTube video:

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