Gas Furnace Odors

Now that the use of your furnace is in full force, have you noticed any unpleasant smells coming from your unit? Some of these smells may be harmless to you and your furnace, but others may be dangerous and require attention immediately. Here are a few smells and signals to look out for:

The sulfur (rotten egg) smell:

The most alarming odor you might detect coming from a gas furnace is that of rotten eggs. This comes from an additive that the manufacturers place in the gas so that it can be quickly detected when it leaks. This smell becomes present for your safety because natural gas normally does not have an odor. When this rotten egg smell starts coming from the vents, there could be a cracked heat exchanger or leak in the gas line. When first noticing this unwanted smell, shut off the furnace and open up windows. Call Poormans Heating and Air for help right away.

Burning (electrical fire) Smell:

Another common smell you should be warned of is a burning scent from the vents. This smell can be compared to plastic or wires catching on fire. There are several reasons why this may occur, but most likely a motor in the furnace is overheating. Call a technician for a repair and hopefully your motor and unit can be salvaged.

Moldy Smell:

The smell of must and mold often comes from an air filter that hasnt been changed regularly. If you change your filters regularly, it could indicate that mold is developing inside the ventilation system, which may require professionals. Mold can reek havoc on your health. Call the experts to have your vents inspected for any unwanted mold.

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