Energy Saving Tips

As much as we enjoy the spring/summer months we cant help but cringe when thinking about the extra expenses that come along with the warmer seasons. Not only does your water bill seem to rise due to the use of watering your lawn or filling your swimming pool, but the use of your air conditioning unit will also cause your bills to increase. Are you trying your best to conserve energy and save money when it comes to your HVAC system?

To start with your money saving venture, you can have installed insulated windows, doors, and ceiling fans. At Poormans wed be more than happy to help with the installation of a High Efficiency Air Conditioning unit; which is helping homeowners to reap the rewards through much lower energy bills. These same homeowners have also gotten sizable rebate checks for purchasing energy saving appliances and making home improvements. Not only do these households reap financial rewards, they also have comfortable homes year around and enjoy the feeling of knowing they are doing their part.

Other small (but beneficial) efforts people are making to save energy and money consist of turning the thermostat up a few degrees and relying more on ceiling fans to cool occupied rooms. Believe it or not, this making a substantial difference! Theres quite a difference when comparing the costs of running only a central A/C unit or window air conditioner compared to the costs of running a ceiling fan. These results are the reasons so many people are developing energy saving plans and saving each month on utility bills.

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