Cleaning Your Dryer Filters

Few things are more scary than a house fire! Believe it or not every day there are thousands of house fires caused by your clothes dryer. Its incredibly important to take the proper precautions when taking care of your dryer. We cant stress enough the importance of cleaning out your dryer vents, this could save your homeand even your life! HVAC technicians can perform routine maintenance on your dryer vents in order to help prevent the worst.

Here are some signs that your vent needs a good cleaning:

  • Clothes do not dry fully during one cycle
  • A musty smell comes from your clothing following the dry cycle
  • Heat radiates into the room where your dryer is located
  • Large amounts of lint accumulates after each dry
  • Debris can be found outside the dryer vent

If you notice any of these issues, its important to have a technician out before using your dryer any further. Youll be happier and safer when you do, trust us!

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