Leaky Faucet Problems

Its interesting to read in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette about the arguments arising from area residents up in arms about a rate hike in their water bills. Those using 5,200 gallons of water a month are now paying a little over $17 a month for water, by 2015 they will be paying approximately $24. What some residents dont realize is that they can cut back on several gallons of water each day if they take care of a few plumbing issues around the house. Poormans Heating and Air Conditioning found in Fort Wayne, Indiana takes care of several plumbing issues on a daily basis, but many problems can be fixed by the home owners themselves. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has a page on the website devoted to water saving tips for home owners. Check out the website and see for yourself how easy it is to save a few dollars by just taking care of your leaky toilets and sinks. If however, the plumbing problem far exceeds your mechanical work, call Poormans (260-422-3534) or check out their Facebook page for their plumbing expertise. Poormans also provides heating system, AC unit, geothermal and indoor air quality services. You wont be disappointed!

EPAs Fix A Leak Week Link

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