“Set it and leave it” is the typical mindset in regard to thermostats. However, this doesn’t mean that homeowners can neglect their thermostat’s maintenance and treat it as a separate entity from their HVAC system without consequences. Keep in mind that the thermostat is basically the control panel for your HVAC system. If it isn’t working properly, the comfort inside your house will surely be affected, and your home won’t have adequate air circulation.

Thermostat Problems Are More Than Just a Comfort Issue

In this post, furnace replacement expert Poormans Heating & Air lists some common thermostat problems and how they can affect your home.

Software Issues

Smart thermostats are basically small computers that operate on software. Just like any other software, the software used by your thermostat can have glitches or experience errors. In this case, it’s best to refer to your thermostat’s manual and follow the troubleshooting steps. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to call a professional to help you resolve the issue.

Wiring Problems

Thermostats typically contain four wires, two of which are used to turn the blower on and off. The other two are for turning the heater on and off. In the event that one of these wires becomes loose, the thermostat could lose control over part of the HVAC system’s operation. For example, your heater may stop running or responding to the thermostat if one of the wires is loose or damaged. Before conducting heater repair, your contractor will likely look at your thermostat to be sure about the problem.

Miscalibrated Thermostat

A miscalibrated thermostat won’t be able to read the temperature correctly. It’s important to note that even a few degrees of discrepancy can have a significant effect on the comfort of your home. For instance, your thermostat can suddenly turn off your cooling system without actually reaching the desired temperature. As a result, your home may end up too hot, and this can cause you and your family some discomfort.

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