The dry air in winter is among one of the most uncomfortable things about this time of year, and it’s no wonder why. ‘Tis the season for dry skin, static shock, and transmission of bacteria!  However, an increase of humidity can prevent these issues. A humid home has a number of benefits. An increase in humidity can not only be more comfortable, but it also increases overall health and cleanliness. Here is how to increase the humidity in the winter.

Benefits of Higher Humidity:

  • Hydrated skin – Dry skin in the winter is very common. While most tackle the issues with excess lotion, an increase in moisture around you will eliminate this problem.
  • Cleaner, healthier air – Viruses and bacteria thrive in dry air, so it’s no wonder why the colder months are when people get sick. Humid air prevents dust, allergens and other pollutants–and it’s healthier to breathe!
  • Furniture care – Dry air can damage wooden objects in your home, such as floors and furniture. More moisture in the air prevents damage to these
  • Reduce electrostatic shocks – Dry air is the culprit of those pleasant shocks upon contact with people or other objects.

Measuring humidity levels now is easier than ever. Hygrometers can be found at almost any hardware store for around $10. The ideal indoor humidity level is between 30% and 50%. 30-40 in the winter, and 40-50 in the summer.

Humid Home

How to Increase Humidity

  • Take advantage of shower steam – Opening the bathroom door after a shower allows the extra steam to evaporate in other areas of the house.
  • Get house plants – Plants add humidity and also help purify the air. Especially when plants are watered properly, the plants will release vapor from the leaves and stems into the air.
  • Boil water on the stovetop – To no surprise, water evaporation assists with humidity. Any boiling water released in the house will increase humidity levels. Even just cooking more at home will help with humidity levels. As a bonus, double the savings by allowing the oven to release warm air into the house and cut heating costs!
  • Hang-dry your clothes – Skip the dryer! Hanging wet or damp clothes after the wash allows the moisture to evaporate and improve the indoor air.
  • Get a humidifier – The easiest solution to fix the dry air in your home would be installation of a humidifier. There are a variety of humidifiers on the market. Ranging from small, tabletop humidifiers for a single room, to large ones attached to your HVAC system to target the entire house. The house plants will evaporate water into your home!

If a whole-house humidifier is in the budget, consider investing in one. They attach to your existing HVAC system and provide overall comfort throughout the home all year long. Providing healthy, comfortable air all year long, humidifiers also protect your HVAC system. Poorman’s Heating & Air can come to the rescue for humidifier installation. Click here to get scheduled for a free quote. Now thru August 31st, get a FREE humidifier with the purchase of a full system. Call Poorman’s for details.

Humidifier on HVAC system


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